Jostens Wins 2024 Class Ring Contract with West Point Academy, Celebrates Partnerships with Prestigious United States Military Schools


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., August 08, 2022 — The Jostens team is proud to announce that they will be providing personalized class rings for West Point’s 2024 graduates. These cadets meet rigorous higher education requirements and undergo extensive military training — Jostens is honored to present these outstanding individuals with ornate class rings that praise their hard work, determination and commendable accomplishments.

The United States Military Academy — known as West Point — provides higher education and training for those who wish to become commissioned officers in the Army. West Point was the very first school to introduce the concept of class rings for academy graduates in 1835, and has a rich tradition of recycling donated class rings from former graduates to create new rings for forthcoming graduates. Honor, pride and tradition are passed down through the ranks in the form of prestigious class rings — Jostens is humbled to be a part of this enduring legacy.

Jostens and West Point have a rich history that is worthy of celebration. “We are thrilled to be aligned with such an important American institution, and look forward to delivering unforgettable class rings that their cadets and future officers can wear with pride,” said Michael Burgess, Chief Executive Officer of the company. He later added “This longstanding partnership reflects everything that our company stands for: elevating time-honored traditions and celebrating incredible achievements.”

Chris Poitras, the General Manager and Vice President of College and Professional Sports at Jostens, stated “We have the honor of working intimately with the student committee at West Point to design customized rings that honor their dedication and tenacity. We spent months creating a standout piece of jewelry that these soldiers can carry with them and cherish for a lifetime.”

Jostens has also partnered with Norwich University, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Coast Guard Academy, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, the United States Naval Academy and the Virginia Military Institute over the years. Mike Sundgaard, the Director of National Miliary Sales at Jostens, graduated from West Point in 1985. He expressed, “It is an honor to work with my alma mater and other federal service academies, as well as Norwich University and the Virginia Military Institute. I can relate to the unique experiences of these students, and the remarkable feelings that come up as you near graduation. These historic class ring programs serve as an incredible link between the past and present.” The Jostens team commends those who choose to enroll in military schools and commit their careers to serving their country.

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