Tips for a Stress-Free Photoshoot with JostensPIX

Tips for a Stress-Free Photoshoot with JostensPIX

Tips for a Stress-Free Photoshoot with JostensPIX


Minneapolis, September 6, 2021 – School photoshoots can be a big deal for you and your family. Lots of planning and consideration goes into that day, and it can often be a source of stress. These photos are a time capsule of sorts that will serve to remind you of this moment in your child’s life for years to come—it’s important to not let it overwhelm you.


Jostens has your back with these tips for stress-free school photos:


First comes the fit. Although they may not always agree with this statement, you know your child the best. Find the “fit” that makes them shine—try to avoid clothes with distracting logos, patterns or slogans. Choose clothes and colors that complement them. With JostensPIX, our cutting-edge technology and professional staff help deliver a Picture Day experience the way it should be—with no stress.


Your hair, your choice. Your child’s hair is an expression of themselves—let them embrace it. You can either plan ahead and get a haircut a few weeks in advance to allow it to grow back a little or go in with a fresh cut. Either way, your child will be looking sharp.


Relaxation is key. You as a parent are going to want to make sure your child’s smile is just right, and that’s understandable. But often an overly practiced smile can look less than natural. Just reassure them and let them know that whatever smile they have to offer is exactly the right one.


Come as you are. Maybe your child’s missing a tooth (or several). Maybe there’s a lock of hair that just won’t cooperate. That’s okay! These little quirks are the things you’ll look back on with fondness for years to come. And with JostensPIX, you have the ability to preview the photos online ahead of purchase, which adds an extra layer of ease and comfortability.


Customize to your heart’s desire. JostensPIX is changing the school photography game. Gone are the days of having to purchase expensive packages in order to get the few sizes of photos you really want. Parents can preview multiple portraits, customize backgrounds and select only the photos and sizes they truly like. This means prices are much lower than standard packages while giving families some sorely needed flexibility.


In our eyes, more options for families means less stress. That’s why JostensPIX always has you, the parent, in mind. Celebrate the moments that matter without all the unnecessary stress that comes with the old ways of doing school photos.

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