Spirit Wear for Schools

Wear your school pride, wherever you are. However this year looks.

For Everyday

Branded apparel is far more than just sideline gear. It’s your badge of school spirit to be worn anywhere, every day. Plus it’s comfy too.

For Everyone

When you are a part of a school, a community, a team... you are a part of a tribe. Wear it proudly.

School Spirit Wear: FAQs

Spirit wear for schools is the number one way to get students feeling engaged and connected to their school. Spirit wear includes customizable clothing designed to build a sense of pride and teamwork within a school. In the absence of a formal uniform, high school apparel helps students be part of something greater than themselves. 

You’ll find school spirit wear in the hallways, at sporting events, and on field trips. School merchandise isn’t just a stylish, fashionable clothing option for students; it’s also an easy fundraising option for schools to raise money for various programs, school supplies or events.   

The majority of spirit wear for schools will include the name of the school, its logo, and school colors. High school sportswear and everyday wear also allows for a certain amount of customization so that each student can show their unique style. 

For example, a student might choose to have their last name on the back of their sweater or a mascot from whichever extracurricular club they’re a part of. 

The school apparel store can be a confusing place. How do you choose the right custom school apparel with so many options to choose from? 

Variety for Versatility 
Often the traditional favorites are the dominant sellers in any school store. Opt for a combination of timeless classics and new trends that speak to your unique style. Every day is a new day, and every season is a new season. Outfit your wardrobe with tank tops, jerseys, sweaters, pants, shorts, and more. 

Versatility trumps everything when it comes to the school gear you wear. 

The Right Spirit Wear for the Right Place 
When it comes to picking out school spirit wear, it’s all about the audience. Every student wants to look great and stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s so important to wear the right spirit wear for the right time. 


Traditionally, spirit wear for schools was confined to sport. Today, everyone from football players to the robotics club will have some form of high school fan gear. Pick out the right gear to ensure you showcase your skills and talents. 

Follow the Latest Trends 
Think about the styles that are popular at this moment. Quarter-zips are huge in the 2020s, for example, as well as minimalist colors and designs. Just make sure the style you choose is one that speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable. While being trendy is important, feeling confident in your school gear is just as important.  

Don’t Forget to Accessorize 
Complete any outfit with a range of accessories to go with it! Browse school-themed blankets, hats, and even face masks to create a truly custom outfit. Nothing says school spirit more than matching sweaters, hats and even scarves!  

Opt for Customized Spirit Wear 
Customization is a big part of helping students to express who they are. Embroidery, printing, and sublimation are just some of the options on the table to decorate each piece of athletics attire. 

Sharpen up by putting custom names, quotes, and special patches to help everyone step up and stand out. 

Spirit Day or Spirit Week is the time to stand out and show your pride at your high school. These events are where students will paint their hair, faces, and match everything in the school's colors to show their support. 

Go all out with a complete ensemble of school colors, or opt for something more minimalist, with just a hint of school colors. 

The most popular types of spirit wear for students include: 

- Jerseys
- Pants 
- Shorts 
- Sweaters 
- Varsity jackets 

Some students will even go the extra mile by coming up with custom spirit wear for themselves. Painting an old pair of jeans, making a custom t-shirt, or even a pair of unique socks are all options for people who want to express themselves. 

Showing your spirit consistently and incorporating the colors and mascots of your school is what it’s all about. 

Spirit wear isn’t just limited to high school sports apparel. Everyone from the basketball team to the marching band to the chess club will be outfitting themselves with epic fan gear. 

While Spirit Week and custom school apparel is a time-honored tradition, there are many reasons why spirit wear for schools is considered a must-have. 

Increase Community Engagement 

School spirit is only part of the puzzle. You’re not just showing how much you love your school, you’re also demonstrating pride in the community you’re a part of. 

Schools are integral parts of any local district, and showing off your school spirit is a big part of showing your support for the place you live. 

Raising Money for Good Causes 

Anyone who has tried to launch a fundraiser is fully aware of how tough it can be to get people involved. Incorporate spirit wear into your fundraiser as a fun way to get people involved. Sell custom apparel after a big game to raise money for additional sporting supplies or outside your school’s next chess tournament for a trip to see a professional competition.  

Whether you’re using your apparel as a way to encourage people to join in, or you’re looking to reward people for coming out and showing their support, let it revolve around your school spirit attire. 

Boost School Pride 

Make the world green with envy and show your school pride by showcasing your school’s name all over town. Wait till you’re wearing your school sweater after a big win on the field or in the world of academics, people will be congratulating you left and right!  

Special Motivational Giveaways 

Launch a giveaway or a competition with spirit wear being the leading award. There’s a reason why volunteer work, attendance, and extracurricular participation all come with special jerseys, shirts, and other gear. People love winning stuff, and why not reward them with custom school merchandise? 

Field Trips 

Parents and staff know how stressful it is to manage a field trip. Keeping an eye on a group of students in an unknown environment is stressful, especially when it involves crowded places or multiple activities. Make it easier on yourself with your spirit wear. If everyone is wearing the same clothes, it’s easy to spot students and teachers in groups of people. It’s the quickest way to identify who’s part of your tribe!