Your Official Announcement

Graduation is one of life’s greatest milestones. As a graduate, you deserve to be formally recognized for how far you’ve come – along with the opportunity to share how much this achievement means to you, with family and friends. Your official announcement is all about capturing this pride and celebrating it, with all the beauty and tradition of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.


ANNOUNCEMENTS+™ totally transforms the way you announce your big moment. Now, you can send personalized videos that show everyone how excited you are, bringing your achievement to life. Announcement sold separately.

Announce Your Big Day With Pride

Only a handful of occasions in life deserve an official announcement. Your high school graduation is one of them. Spread the news of your graduation and let all your friends and loved ones know how much it means to you.

Bundle It With

A Photo Card

Your announcement is about your graduation ceremony. Your photo card is all about you. Use both to let everyone know the details of your graduation and proudly share your next steps.

The Anatomy Of An Announcement

Each official school announcement is a one-of-a-kind creation that features your school’s unique colors and emblems, custom-crafted to deliver a sense of stylish formality and pride.


Custom Embossing

Add some serious prestige with gold or silver metallic accents and elevated text.


Premium Raised Ink

Highlight your big day with elegant text that appears “branded” onto the page.


Precision Cut Paper

Show the importance of your accomplishment with high-quality paper stock.


Die-Cut Name Card Holder

Elevate your name with a custom-cut card holder that makes it personal.


Your Ultimate Announcement

Discover everything you need to share your big news in the best way possible. Give your official announcement the honor and beauty it deserves, so you can capture and celebrate the pride that you earned.