College Class Rings

Collegiate rings celebrate your college experience — a story as unique as you are. That’s why we offer a variety of ring collections to choose from. You can choose the design that suits your taste, then customize it to make it your own.

Carry Your Mark

With You

Who you are is a story worth telling. And everything you value, from alma mater to your personal character, is captured at the very core of this statement ring. The simple, timeless band allows you to personalize even further and create a future heirloom that never goes out of style.

Sarah Chloe® | Jostens® Collection Sarah Chloe® | Jostens® Collection Sarah Chloe® | Jostens® Collection

Sarah Chloe® | Jostens® Collection

Celebrate all the special moments along your college journey with a stunning custom charm necklace or bracelet. Available in sterling silver, 14K yellow plated gold or 14K yellow gold.

Luxe Collection

Redefining college graduation rings and jewelry, this collection blends iconic shapes and stones into contemporary jewelry art — helping you tell your story in a unique and personal way.

Collegiate Tags

Be as individual as your college experience with this cool, custom tag. Represent your memories through your choice of metal, stone, personal engraving and more.

College Jewelry Catalog

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