Yearbook+ combines cutting-edge technology and crowd-sourced content to create the world’s most inclusive, interactive yearbook. It empowers every student to represent who they truly are and feel celebrated as an individual and within the school community.

The story of the year.

Yearbook+ is a digital extension of the physical yearbook that allows students to upload their own candid photos, choose how they will be remembered and relive incredible moments from the school year. The uploaded photos are tied to printed pictures throughout the yearbook, allowing students to unlock bonus digital content as they explore the book. 



Yearbook+ is the story of the year told by people that were there. It captures all the highs and lows, the games won, the ones lost. Most of all, it brings together the students. The pictures they choose will help them remember where they came from, how they felt, and who each of them truly were. 


See how Yearbook+ helps every student tell their story.

My Year

The My Year experience empowers every student to upload 10 of their favorite photos from the school year and choose how they will be remembered. The uploaded images are reviewed for appropriateness and digitally tied to each student's printed picture in the yearbook — you get more content without having to add pages to the yearbook!

School Life

School Life allows the yearbook staff to link digital images to candid photos throughout the yearbook, so you aren’t limited to the images that can fit in the print yearbook. Viewers know digital content is available when they see a wayfinding icon. Scan the icon and watch the yearbook come to life!

My Portrait

This functionality allows students to upload their own portrait for use in the yearbook. The photos can be used by the yearbook staff to supplement those taken by a portrait company or can be flowed onto pages to fill the portrait section for an entire grade.


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